Three Prayers We All Need to Pray

I am asking God for these three things to be a part of my life. Join me in asking and believing…

1. Ask God to “set you on fire”
Ask God to consume you; to help you let go of the sin and junk in your life, and your hurt and pain. Pray that He will help you  and run into His arms with complete abandonment. Let God ignite you with passion once again!

2. Ask God to give you a burden for people
Beg God to give you His heart, His eyes, and His ears for people…lost people who don’t know Him and the Body of Christ who are limping around when they should be sprinting. We have become blind to the needs of others. Pray that God will let you see the world like He does.

3. Ask God for the impossible
Have you prayed any BOLD prayers lately? The early church saw the miraculous because they asked God for the impossible.

Our prayers are too small and too safe. Let’s ask, let’s seek and let’s knock on heaven’s door with audacious bold prayers.We can limit Gods power through our unbelief. Let’s believe God for the impossible!

Join me in praying these 3 life changing prayers!

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