Move of God

I thank God for the privilege of being a part of a move of God in Hiram, Georgia! It is phenomenal to be part of a ministry that sees people’s lives changed on a regular basis. I come every week with an expectant heart, excited to see what God is going to do!

This year has started off strong with over 300 people making some type of public decision to be saved, follow through in baptism, be involved in a group, volunteer to serve or be trained in volunteering. It has been an amazing month!

Let me give you five reasons why I believe this will be the best year of New Season so far:

1. We are spending  more time on our face seeking the Lord.

2. We are taking bigger steps of faith like never before.

3. We are committed to the process of Assimilation like never before.

4. We are totally committed to our Core Values and mission of Believe, Belong and Become and the vision of New Season.

5. We will put our personal preferences aside for the greater goal of God’s church.

Join the move of God in Hiram GA! It is incredible!

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