I Need Your Help!

Almost 3 years ago, we launched steveflockhart.com and I started blogging. The response has been very encouraging.

I am writing about real life issues and trying to offer encouragement in moving past the past and accomplishing your dreams. It doesn’t matter what you have done or where you have been…what matters is where you are going now.

What is it that you have been put on this planet to do?

Have you ever thought about why you are living at this point and time? One of my purposes in writing this blog is to inspire hope, to believe in the second act in people’s lives, and to encourage and challenge you to reach your God given potential.

For the rest of February, we will be posting the top 10 posts of steveflockhart.com. We post 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We need your help. We are trying to get 100,000 hits by April 21 (my three year anniversary of blogging)

You can help us! If this blog has encouraged you in any way, please share the link to the blog on your Facebook page or Twitter and get your friends involved in reading.

We have two months to reach our goal. We currently have 87,000 hits. 13,000 hits in two months can only happen with your help. Please help us spread the word!

Thanks again for reading and for your help in reaching 100.000 hits!

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