Don’t Waste Your Pain

I have spoken to so many people in the last couple of weeks who have been going through tremendous difficulties…several have lost their spouses; some have parents who have passed away; some have children with cancer; one is starting chemo and  another is just finishing up; some have kids on drugs; lives ruined; addictions abounding; divorces taking place and unfortunately, the list goes on and on. There are many people hurting.

Have you come to that fork in the road? You know, that critical crossroad where you know that you can’t figure it all out and you really can’t do anything about your circumstances, but you can make a decision.  A decision that says “I’m tired of being this way, feeling this way, and living this way.”  “I’m tired of being sucked into living my life based on what happens to me instead of letting God work through me.”

Let me give you five things that you need to do that have helped me get back on track.
1.       Throw yourself at Jesus
Surrender everything you are, everything you hope to be, confess, repent, experience his cleansing, and forgiveness. Trust Jesus to give you a new start.

2.       Constantly renew your mind
Feed your mind the right things every day. Read, pray, listen to sermons, build a healthy diet of good things in your life.

3.       Spend time with positive, faith-filled people
Who you associate with will be extremely important. Who you hang around or do not hang around with will “make or break you”. Surround yourself with positive, faith-filled people. It will make a difference!

4.       Know that God is working
Knowing that God is working causes you to trust, to depend on Him. God is not finished… what He starts, He finishes. He is molding you and sculpting you into a trophy of grace.

5.       Share your story
Tell others how faithful God has been. Tell them how He has worked in your life. Don’t waste your pain!

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