Who You Bringing?!

One week from today will be our first of 5 Easter services.

Easter Invite 2014

Here are a few reasons you should bring someone with you Easter weekend..
*People matter to God!

*Everyone will spend eternity somewhere.

*Hell is real.

*Heaven is sweet.

*New Season is on fire!

*There is no other name under heaven by which mankind must be saved.

*People don’t need to clean up…they need to look up. They don’t need a change of behavior, they need a new heart!

*Found people find people!

*Jesus is coming back and we are running out of time to tell people of His great love and gift.

*The Bible instructs us to invite: Matthew 28: 18-20 Matthew 16:15 Luke 24:48 John 20:21 Acts 1:8

It’s up to you and I to share the Good News. I’ll make you a deal. You get them to one of our 5 Easter services and I promise they will hear about Jesus!

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