One Life Can Impact Another!

There was this girl named Kim. She could out drink, out curse, and out fight most men. She was extremely bold and an “in your face” kind of person. She never held back, she always told you exactly what she was thinking. Her words were always seasoned with expletives that would make a marine blush. She drank like a fish, did drugs and lived with her boyfriend.

Then something happened…one day she came in to the grocery store where we worked together, and shared that she had gotten saved. She was a totally different person. I was not familiar with these words at the time but I did observe that she had a life changing, born again experience.

Her attitude changed, her demeanor changed, and her language changed. It was a complete 180 degree change all around! I remember thinking that it would not last long. But it did! Her boyfriend accepted Christ too and they were married a few weeks later. Her life, her testimony, her story were the first steps in getting my attention.

I accepted Christ less than a year after Kim’s conversion. Something happened to me as well. One life can impact another!

I encourage you to share your story. I challenge you to be bold (not obnoxious) and tell others what God has done in your life.

I encourage you to be an “inviting machine” this week!! Get on the phone and call, text. Facebook, tweet, and Instagram. Go knock on your next door neighbor’s door!

Do whatever it takes.You can impact a life!

We have 5 opportunities at New Season this weekend:                                                                       Services are Friday evening at 7:00 pm, Saturday evening at 6:00 pm and Sunday morning at 8:30, 10:00 and 11:45 am. Come but don’t come alone! Be part of impacting someone’s life for eternity!

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