The biggest event in human history

It’s here! The biggest event in human history!! The  resurrection of Jesus!!  

We are asking God for the largest attendance in the history of New Season. This is not about church attendance, it’s about eternity. People are either saved or lost and many are very open to hear about Jesus during this time of year. Maybe you have invited the same person a thousand times and they always tell you “no.” Well, this could be the time when they say “yes!”

Every single relationship that you have on this planet is for the purpose of telling people about Christ. Evangelism isn’t the great suggestion, it’s a command – Go Tell! Inviting and bringing people to a place they can meet Jesus is a part of evangelism.

Can you imagine if each of us who attend New Season brought two people to church for one of our 5 Easter experiences? We would have thousands of people who would hear the gospel! Many would accept Christ and become believers. You would have a part in that through your invitation, your prayers and your concern!

It’s not too late to invite! Do whatever it takes to get people here this weekend. I am so pumped to see what God will do!

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