A Million is a Big Number

In the book of Acts, it says that 3000 were saved and baptized. How did Luke know? Someone counted!

The Holy Spirit made sure we knew the numbers. There is a book in the Old Testament called Numbers. Evidently God cares about numbers.

God cares about the number of lives that hear the gospel.

God cares about the number of people who respond to the gospel. Heaven rejoices over just one.

The number of people who have their marriages restored…

The number of people who have been set free from addictions…

The number of people who were saved last week in church…

Every number has a name and every name has a story.

Thousands of people attended and served at our 5 Easter experiences. Hundreds of men heard the gospel at our Fight Club Conference. Over a hundred people have either been saved, baptized or joined New Season this year alone! Over a million people heard about our church this past weekend!! Two news stations came to New Season because of our Fight Club Conference! We are already receiving calls and emails from people who want information about New Season!

Numbers really do matter!



One thought on “A Million is a Big Number

  1. This really is incredible! I think 11 Alive did a fantastic job with the coverage for Fight Club. It was a refreshing, honest example of how journalism really can make a difference. I hope we can make this a yearly event!

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