Huntingtyn Maynor is here!


Another miracle happened in our family yesterday. My youngest son, Austin and his wife, Lindsey had a little boy and gave us our 4th grandchild, baby brother to our precious Lakely.!

Huntingtyn Maynor Flockhart was born at 5:32 pm weighing 6 lbs. and 14 oz. He was 19 and ½ inches long. He is a healthy baby with a head full of dark hair. He is a good looking boy!

I was overcome with emotion when I saw this little baby for the first time. Tears came quickly and I had to pull myself together. Holding my son’s son was an amazing feeling. You grandparents know what I am talking about. And the feeling is the same with each grandchild. It is overwhelming.

New life is one of the greatest reminders of God’s power and blessings in our life. I watched as family members held this baby with instant, abundant love. Isn’t it amazing how you can love someone before you ever meet them? Huntingtyn has had my heart for 9 months already!

Let me tell you the story of his name. My son Austin’s middle name is “Hunt” – he is named after our dear friend, Pastor Johnny Hunt. “Huntingtyn” honors Austin and Pastor Johnny. “Maynor” is my wife’s maiden name. Her father, Bryan passed away seven years ago and Lindsey and Austin wanted to honor him and carry his name on. This is very special to our family, especially to my wife.

I am a blessed man. These 4 grandchildren mean the world to me, my wife and all of their aunts and uncles. That is another aspect to this story…it thrills me to see the love from my adult kids for their niece and nephews. They took off work to be there for the birth and the ones who could not be there were on the phone texting and face timing every few minutes to check on the progress. That is a beautiful thing to watch…FAMILY is what it is all about.

Welcome to the world Huntingtyn…I look forward to spoiling you rotten!

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