Getting in Tune

I don’t play a musical instrument but I have children that do. On numerous occasions, I have heard the statement, "I need to tune my instrument." Tuning is to get something in sync to get in to work the way it was intended.

Robert Murray McHeyne said, “A great part of my time is spent in getting my heart in tune for prayer. It is the link that connects earth with heaven.”

I know that there have been hundreds of books, thousands of sermons, and blogs written on the subject of prayer.

Everyone knows the importance of prayer but I wonder if we really believe in the results of our prayers? Do we really believe that we can have power with God? Do we really believe that our prayers really can be answered?

Prayer is as vital to us spiritually as air is to us physically. We must learn to pray!

There is nothing that brings you closer to God than prayer. Prayer truly is intimacy. Prayer can do anything that God can do. Prayer is omnipotent; prayer is omniscient and prayer is omnipresent.

Things happen in your life when you pray…when you truly connect, when your heart is in tune with Jesus!

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