God is Able

I spoke to a really good friend this week who was really discouraged. He shared a few things with me that were really weighing heavy on him.

He was really down. We all know all too well what it’s like to live in discouragement, to lose heart, to be bummed out, and to experience burn out.

I talk to people every week who are ready to call it quits. They’re emotionally drained, physically exhausted, mentally depleted, are in a spiritual funk.

All of us are prone to become discouraged. We lose hope and are ready to just give up.

There are so many things in life that cause us to get down…relationships going South that seem beyond repair; family issues that discourage us; financial struggles that can certainly weigh us down, etc…

Many times we have so much going on in our lives that we feel we are pulled in multiple directions and we just don’t have the energy for anything. It’s so easy to get in this place and so very hard to get out.

Let me remind you that our God is able! Able to handle anything or any person.

He is FAITHFUL – He always comes through!

He is SOVEREIGN – He reigns over everyone and everything!

He is BIGGER – than your biggest problem or your biggest failure!

He is STRONGER – than your most threatening and ferocious critic!

He is ABLE!!

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