It’s Not About You!

Next month I will celebrate 29 years in church! I love the church! I am convinced the church really is the hope of the world. Unfortunately, we get caught up thinking it's all about us. 
I have seen a lot of crazy things in church these past 29 years. I have seen and heard just about everything! I have seen people argue over the color of the carpet in the auditorium; I have seen people throw their Bibles at people; I have even heard people curse and get belligerent.

“I don’t like that kind of music”; “I don’t like that version of the Bible”; “I think the piano should sit on the left side of the stage”; “People should be more reverent in church”; "The music is too loud"; "I can't believe they use drums"; “That preacher preaches in jeans"; “They sing secular songs in God’s house"…I could list a hundred more statements that I have heard muttered over the years in 
church. I bet you can too if you have been in church longer than six months!

Where did we begin to think that church is all about us? How did we develop such a “consumer mentality”?
Every church, at some point will fall into the deadliest of all traps –the trap of focusing inward. “It’s all about me, what I want, how I want it and if you don’t cater to my whims and wishes, I will withhold my tithe or even leave.”  

An ingrown church, like an ingrown toenail, is an irritation at first but eventually becomes unbearable!

Before your attack the leadership, withdraw your membership or withhold your stewardship, remember the Church is the Bride of Christ and it's not about you!

Let me remind you…the church is about Jesus! It is about what HE is about – seeking and saving that which is lost. It is about bringing glory to the one who alone is worthy. 
God's heart beats for every lost person every single second of every single day. Let's focus on that!

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