The Pearl

Someone once said that sacrifice is giving up something you love now in order to gain something more later.

Jesus shared a parable in Matthew, chapter 13 about a merchant who searched diligently for fine pearls.When he found the one pearl of great value, he sacrificed all to buy it. Jesus was speaking of the kingdom of heaven with this parable…of salvation and living the kingdom life.

I have just spent the last two weeks In Uganda, Africa. I am writing this blog from Uganda. We arrive back home tonight in Atlanta.

Uganda actually means pearl of Africa…

All of the people that I met thanked us for sacrificing to come to their country. Hmmmm – sacrifice?

To get in a big plane and fly to Uganda. To have plenty of food to eat, (pizza on two occasions that was really good) shelter (no air conditioning but a big fan).

To have the opportunity to preach in 10 different churches. One of those services was one of the top 5 experiences I have ever had! We got to minster to and encourage over a 100 pastors.

We met some amazing people and built some great relationships. We sailed on Lake Victoria, saw the beginning of the Nile River (the longest river in the world), went “hut to hut” and shared the gospel and we saw over 160 people pass from death to life!! No sacrifice here!

We will be sharing our experiences this Monday night, July 21  at 6:45. I will also be posting a video with some highlights of the trip.Thank you all who prayed and gave financially for this trip. Your investment impacted thousands for the kingdom!

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