I’m A Part of a Movement!

The church is the bride of Christ. We have been purchased by the blood of Christ. Jesus died for the church and established it.

The church is more than an organization, it is a living organism. The church is not a religious institution but a movement…a movement of people who have been redeemed and set free, people who have received and understand grace. We get caught up in thinking the church is a place we go to, rather than who we are!

We are His church, His bride, His hands, His feet, His heart and mind. We have the promises of God and have been empowered by His Spirit.

The church should be a place where the supernatural takes place instead of just settling for the natural. A place where marriages are restored, addictions are broken and lives are changed.

The church is where the broken and battered can be made well, those in bondage can be set free and those who are struggling can find peace.

The church is not a building, not a creed, not a moral code or a list of rules and regulations.

The church is a place where a bunch of messed up people can fall in love with a holy and mighty God who offers the free gift of salvation.

The church is a movement…not a fad, not a social club, but a movement.I’m a part of a movement!

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