2 thoughts on “God Wants to do a New Thing in You

  1. God is doing a lot of new things in my life as well as my husbands. Brandon decided to go to truck driving school two months ago and it was something new to him but we both prayed and said god if this is what you want him to do he will gom it has been bumpy for him and trying at times. Money is still tight andd sometimes he has no food but he just prays god will give him the strength. The new thing. For me was living on my owsn. Raising my daughter on my own. You never notice what you have til it is gone. I miss my husband but god helps us both through this new thing. I agree with steve. You never know what the new thing is but if you ask god to show you he will.

  2. That’s a hard, powerful word. The new is sometimes scary. BUT, the God who is faithful to give you something new, will stand by your side, carry you if needed, and see you through to the other side of the transition if you just let Him.

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