Don’t Come Alone

When Matthew the tax collector was saved, he threw a party and invited all of his friends to attend with the hopes of introducing then to Jesus.

When Cornelius was getting ready to hear the gospel, he invited his family, friends and work associates.

When Andrew was saved, he went to go and tell his brother.

When you meet Jesus and have your sins forgiven, you can’t help but tell others about it!

Jesus said I will make you fishers of men….if you’re not fishing, you’re not following!

When is the last time you invited someone to church?                                                                  When is the last time you shared your story/shared the gospel?                                                          When is the last time you led someone to Christ?                                                                              When is the last time you tried?

The biggest day in our church history is this Sunday, two days from now – Friend Day! Who are you bringing? The gospel will be presented and lives will be changed!

The question is will your family and friends be here to to experience it?

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