Every 37 Seconds

Every week, I receive a text, an e-mail or a Facebook message from someone who is experiencing difficulties in their marriage. Everything from marital infidelity to lack of communication to, “I just don’t love him/her anymore” to “I’m tired and need a change.”

People are giving up on the vows they made to God and to each other.

Every 37 seconds, someone gets divorced in America. 50% of marriages are ending in divorce with 75% of all second marriages calling it quits.

Families are taking the back seat on the list of priorities. Strong marriages and strong families don’t just happen by accident. It must be a priority – a priority of time. We must nurture, feed and work on our marriages.

Unfortunately, most people wait too long to do anything to help their marriage/family. The problems didn’t happen overnight, they have been developing and intensifying for awhile.

Most people choose to just ignore the issues, hoping they will disappear or they are waiting for the other person to “get their act together.”

Swallow your pride, seek help and work on your marriage! We all feel like quitting at times and we all go through different seasons. Surrender to Jesus as Lord of your life. Let HIM rule, put Him in first place, ask God to work on you and let Him change you.
Every 37 seconds…

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