Stepping Out

Last night I preached to our students about stepping out of the boat. I shared with them how the boat is safe, secure and comfortable.

God has not called us to those things, God has calked us to step out of the boat.

Yesterday morning, we announced that we are starting another campus of New Season about 20 minutes away from our current campus. It will require a step of faith, lots of resources and a committed core group of people. I am really excited about the start of this new campus!

All stats report that new churches consistently reach more people than established churches.

Church plants grow 23 times faster than the average established church.

Church plants also reach five times as many people who are far from God as the average church.

Every church should engage in church planting or starting another campus. We should be reproducing and multiplying. Healthy churches should plant new churches.

New Season Church has helped plant 7 churches in our less than 7 year existence as a church. We are now getting ready to launch New Season South.

There are endless opportunities when you step out!

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