God led me to launch a non-profit organization called “Over the Wall” that has a commitment to radically transform the spiritual condition of the world and the landscape of the local church through growth, development and impact.

My Pastor put in me a love for other pastors. It thrills me to see a pastor filled with vision for his life and his church. A vision for the kingdom of God!

We started Over the Wall Ministries to give back what God has poured in. As I said earlier, Over the Wall is a non-profit organization. It exists by gifts from individuals and churches, and through the various resources that we offer such as CDs, DVDs and devotional books.

Right now we have three great resources that I would encourage you to get.We have an 8 message series called “This is War” about spiritual warfare.

We also have 2 new devotionals: the first is a daily Devotional called “God is Faithful” written by Dr. Johnny Hunt, myself and many other contributing authors. This is the 3rd devotional in this series which has been extremely popular and is a perfect resource for your daily quiet time. This book costs 24.99 in Lifeway Christian Bookstores but may be purchased at New Season for $15.00.

The other is a Children’s Devotional called “Bedtime Devotions with Jesus” written by myself and many different contributing authors. This book is a must for children and will allow bedtime to become a time of focus and devotion with Jesus that they will carry into adulthood. Lifeway is charging $19.99 for this book – it is available for $10.00 here at New Season.

Please pray for Over the Wall Ministries. It is exciting for me to watch God doing some amazing things through this ministry.

Visit us at: Steveflockhart .com

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