Culture Shift

The dictionary would describe culture as “the sum of attitudes, customs and beliefs that distinguish one group of people from another.” Its root meaning is shared with the word, “agriculture” referring to “soil that has been tilled and by extension, a set of traits that have been plowed into a group’s way of life.”

A church’s culture is the lens through which they view how things ought to go. If you change the lens, you change the church’s outlook, change the culture and everything changes including the future of the church.

Culture is a hard thing to change. People get in a certain routine. They get stuck in a certain mindset and it is tough to change.

Many people will fight the culture shift. They will buck against culture shift and they will defend their way of thinking.

I did say earlier that it is hard to change culture.

Culture is everything…remember the definition. Culture announces identity. It’s who you are. It’s your spiritual D.N.A. It’s your kingdom values.

The culture of the church shapes attitude and behavior. Church culture does not reside in buildings or programs; it’s not what we say or what we believe. It’s what we live out; it’s what you really are.

Most churches need a new culture.

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