Golden Nuggets

I have been reading the Proverbs now for 20 years. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs and usually 31 days in a month. My practice for many years, continuing to this day is to read the Proverb twice. I read it out loud, look over it again, pick out three major truths and then meditate on those truths.

Proverbs are one line sermons or nuggets of truth that are full of practical wisdom for daily living.

The word “proverb” is actually made up of two Latin words, ‘pro’ – instead of and ‘verba’ – words. So a proverb is a sentence that “instead of many words”, it summarizes or captures a truth that can be easily applied to our lives.

The key word found in Proverbs is wisdom. Proverbs is a guidebook to discovering practical wisdom or skillful living…living wisely and making good choices.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived (outside of Jesus) tells us to seek wisdom above everything else.

Wisdom Protects

Wisdom Perfects

Wisdom Directs

Proverbs deals with many different subjects but the overwhelming subject matter is about six key areas:

Your money

Your morals

Your mouth

Your motives

Your marriage and…

Your mind set

We all need help in these areas and we all need Godly wisdom in dealing with real life issues. Proverbs provides you with that.

I encourage you to join me and start reading a Proverb a day.

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