Man in the Mirror

The late great theologian Michael Jackson said, “Take a look at yourself and make a change- start with the man in the mirror.”

All of us need to heed that advice today and really take a long look at where we are!

What about priorities…are you kingdom minded or self minded?

If you're having a hard time answering that question, just look at your calendar and your bank statement. Where you spend your time and money reveals not only your priorities, but also your heart.

How intimate are you with Jesus?

Do you have a vibrant relationship with him?

What about your giving? Do you tithe? What percentage do you currently give? Your giving reflects your love!

Do you love Jesus?

Looking in the mirror can be awfully upsetting. (I'm not talking about the outside but the inside.)

Aren't you tired of status quo, mundane living?

Are you ready to do something with the person in the mirror?

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