Hearing or Doing

Yesterday I spoke out of James chapter 1 about not just listening to the word of God, but actually doing it!

It was an amazing day with 135 new volunteers signing up to serve.

I often speak with individuals in our church who are not serving. They attend most weeks, talk as if they love the church and they even tell others about New Season. Yet, they do not serve in any capacity. They tell me that they are praying about where to serve or they are waiting for God to show them the right place to get involved.

Can I encourage you to start moving? Don’t sit and wait for God to flash it on your computer screen or post it on your Facebook wall. Jump in to a ministry and do something! Start serving somewhere. Make a short term commitment . Serve in a particular area of ministry for a month. Check it out and see how you like it. Find out if it is a fit for you…is it your passion? Is it the way God wired you?

If you are not careful, you will become a consumer instead of a contributor. You will be a sponge who soaks up everything, but never gives in return.

God has uniquely gifted & wired you with certain specific gifts, natural talents, & passions. It’s in that area where you need to be serving! Life is too short to be a sponge, a bump on a log or a chair warmer. Step up & step out.

God has an amazing plan for your life. He wants to use you in touching someone else’s life.  
There is a baby whose mother does not know Christ and she needs to hear the gospel. Someone needs to care for her baby so she can attend service

There’s a single mom who brings her little boy every week. He needs a father figure to help guide him.

There are tons of teenagers who need a friend and mentor to share their problems with.

There’s an adult man who lost his job this past week. He needs a friendly smile and a warm handshake. He needs to be escorted to a seat so he can hear a message of hope.

Do you teach the Bible? Can you be a mentor? Can you visit the hospitals or shut-ins? Can you volunteer in our church office to answer the phone? Can you make calls to visitors or new Christians?

Get in on the action, get off the bench, get in the game! You have been called to make a difference!

Don’t be just s hearer be a doer. There is a big difference between hearing and doing.

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