It’s All About Change

The world we live in today is so much different than just a decade ago.

Significant changes seem to be happening every day. Technology changes, politics change, economics change and culture changes. The way we did things 10 years ago doesn’t work in our modern day culture.

We must adopt better practices of the way we do things or we will die.

Charles Exley, former CEO of NCR Corporation said, “I’ve been in business thirty six years. I’ve learned a lot and most of it doesn’t apply anymore.”

John Maxwell said, “The question should not be will we ever change, but when and how much will we need to change.”

There are psychological barriers to change. The change makes sense logically and intellectually, but psychologically and emotionally, it brings anxiety. We are afraid of change. We are afraid of the unknown. How will this affect me, my family, my life?

We all must change. You can resist change or embrace change.

Change really is inevitable. So let’s embrace change and change!

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