A Great Longing


Last Sunday, we opened up our South Paulding campus and we saw 5 people saved! I have this intense longing to see God move!

I surrendered to the call of ministry because God called me and God wrecked me. I surrendered to win people to Jesus, to reach the lost, to make disciples, to build His church, and to enlarge His kingdom.

I love to see people saved and I love to watch people grow in their relationships with God. I am thrilled to watch addictions broken, marriages healed, and relationships restored. I love watching people “get it” and then develop a desire to tell others.

I love watching people travel somewhere around the world on a mission trip and share the love of Christ. We just got back from El Salvador where we saw 300 people saved!

I desire to see new churches planted out of our church. We have helped plant 7 churches in the last seven years! I want to see God’s kingdom advance and see Jesus receive glory.

I did not sign up for status quo living or “let’s just get by” church. I long to see God do the impossible. I long to see God do only what He can do. I love to say the only explanation for what happens on Sundays is “God”.

I surrendered to the call of ministry with the anticipation that God will use me and that my life will make a difference. I have a passion and a burning desire to see and experience life change.

I have this longing… Do you you have it?

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