The Other Side

I know I’m not alone in getting discouraged and frustrated.

I have my fair share of storms in my life. We all could write a book about the storms that come and knock us off our feet.

Maybe you entered this year thinking positive and expecting good things but one thing after another keeps coming your way!  

It’s not an accident that we read a lot about storms when we read the gospels. The gospel of Matthew says “and suddenly a great tempest arose on the sea”.  The word tempest is the Greek word,  “seismos” where we get our word, “seismograph”.  It actually means “a great and powerful shaking”.

On the sea of Galilee, storms would come up very unexpectedly.  It would be perfectly calm one moment, and in no time at all, you would find yourself in the midst of a furious gale.

In the gospel of Mark, in one story about storms, it says “the boat was getting filled with water”.

Have you ever felt that your boat was getting filled with water? Have you ever felt like the rain would just never stop? Some storms hit so suddenly and severely, and they keep pounding on you, that you wonder if there will ever be any relief.

You can look up in the sky and see a dark cloud forming, and you know a storm is on its way. Life doesn’t work that way! Most of the time, there is no warning and therefore, no preparation. You get blindsided, you get knocked down and can’t seem to get back on your feet.

If you’re in a storm right now, I want to remind you that Jesus said in Mark’s gospel “let’s go to the other side“. You’re going to make it. There is an “other side” of the storm where things are calm and peaceful because “there is one who rules over land and sea“.

I for one am ready for the "other side."

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