Just Maybe

I have been really thinking lately about how easy it is to play the victim and whine and complain about everything. It is easy to blame everyone else and not take responsibility.

So I was thinking if we would just "maybe"do some things what would happen..

1. Maybe If I start my day off with the Lord in prayer and in His word, I will have more energy and the strength to stay in the game.

2. Maybe if I improve my sense of mission and purpose, I will have a better idea of where I am headed.

3. Maybe if I improve my attitude, I will be able to see more clearly the opportunities presented to me every day.

4. Maybe if I prioritize my life better, I will not stay involved in the issues that burn up my time.

5. Maybe if I take action sooner, rather than permitting procrastination to rear its ugly head, my dreams will become reality.

6. Maybe if I trust God more and live a life of faith, I will live with less worry and anxiety.

7. Maybe today I will believe all that God had said about me, and all that God believes about me and start living the life God has for me,

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