Need Help With Your Money?

If my car breaks down I am not going to take it to a hair stylist to check it out.

If I have strep throat, I am not going to call a plumber to look at my throat.

I would have a mechanic look at my car and I would go see my Doctor to check my throat. Those are the experts who deal with those particular issues.

So, doesn’t it only make sense if you need some great financial guidance, advice for getting out of debt, tips for spending and saving, etc… that you would consult a financial expert?

You will have that opportunity this Sunday at New Season. We are bringing in Joe Sangl, one of the nation’s leading experts on personal finances. Joe will be speaking in our 9:15 and 11:15 services at our Hiram campus and he will do a special Financial Workshop from 4:00 – 6:00 pm on Sunday evening.

I am thrilled at this opportunity for our church. No-one likes to talk about finances, it really is the elephant in the room BUT to have the opportunity to learn things that can change your life in the area of finances is too good to miss!

I was reading Joe’s blog today and this caught my eye:

“When it comes to spending money, we all need a little guidance sometimes so I’ve put together 5 questions to ask before spending! It’s my hope that this series will provide you with practical questions to ask when preparing to spend a substantial amount of money (or any amount of money). Hopefully, these practical questions will help you truly understand the enormity of the decision and help you make the decision that is best for you and your family.

Let’s review questions 1 – 4:

QUESTION 1:  Is this a want or a need purchase?

QUESTION 2:  Will this item INCREASE or DECREASE in value?

QUESTION 3:  Do I have the money to pay CASH for this item?

QUESTION 4:  Will this purchase generate or take away income?

QUESTION 5: Will this help me achieve my future plans, hopes, and dreams?
I believe the number one reason that people fail with their financial plan is a lack of organization and lack of a plan. Without a long-term perspective, it becomes extremely easy to fall into the trap of living for the minute and immediately spending everything we earn. As one develops a long-term perspective, it really helps us recognize that spending all of our money right away will rip our future dreams away from us!”

This is the kind of information that we will have the opportunity to hear this weekend.

Don’t miss out! Be in a service on Sunday morning and then make it back for the 4:00 workshop. When it’s over, let’s all head to Jalapeno Joes in Hiram for dinner!

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