The day is finally here…this Sunday, March 29th at 10:30 am, we will have the Grand Opening of New Season Tennessee at Bolton High School (7323 Brunswick Rd, Arlington, TN)

After 10 weeks of meeting, planning, praying and working, we will officially open to the public as New Season Tennessee!

We have a fabulous core team of people who have worked hard giving their time, giving their money, praying and seeking God for His guidance and His hand. This team has been laser focused and full of intentionality.

We really have been very intentional about everything. Here at New Season, we don’t do everything right, that’s for sure, but everything we do is done to create an environment where lost people can hear the gospel and be saved.

Everything we do is creating an environment to get people connected to God and to New Season. We are very intentional. Every song, every sermon, every video, every volunteer position…did I mention everything we do is creating an environment to share the gospel and to show Jesus to people?

We must be intentional. Jesus was extremely intentional. He came to seek and save that which was lost. That’s intentionality.

This Sunday will be very intentional! I am believing God for an amazing grand opening! If you live in the area and are not involved in a local church, join us! Don’t miss out on a movement of God…invite like crazy! Be intentional!

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