Praying and Believing Big!

What an amazing day yesterday as we opened our New Season Tennessee campus! We had 237 people in attendance with 13 people receiving Christ (7 came forward publicly!) and 2 people were baptized. What a GOD day!

I was amazed and so proud as I watched the Core Team serving with such commitment. I would not dare try to list names for fear of leaving someone out, but this group of people worked all day long on Saturday scrubbing dirty walls, sweeping, mopping, hanging signs, setting up chairs, cribs, and other equipment, etc… then turned around and came early on Sunday morning to finish setting up and welcome those who came to the service.

And let me say, it wasn’t just the adults! Teenagers and children were there working hard and helping get ready too! It was an amazing sight to see these men and women, boys and girls working and fleshing out our vision statement…”We exist so that people far from God may experience life in Christ and become fully engaged followers.”     

This group of people worked hard but they also prayed, invited and believed BIG! There was a spirit of expectancy in the air and they knew that God was going to do something great! 

Have you prayed any BOLD prayers lately? Our prayers are too small and too safe.

Let’s ask, let’s seek and knock on heaven’s door with audacious bold prayers.We saw God answer prayer yesterday in a big way! Let’s keep praying.

Ask God to consume you, to help you let go of your sin and junk, your hurt and pain and run into His arms with complete abandonment. God wants to use us fully.

Beg God to give you His heart, His eyes, and His ears for people…for lost people who don’t know Him and for those in the Body of Christ who are limping around when they should be sprinting. Ask God to let you see the world like He does.

We get to do this! We get to be used by God. Join me in believing!

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