Dream Team Volunteers

I am a huge sports fan. My whole family loves sports, especially basketball. My favorite player was Michael Jordan. I believe he is the best there has ever been and it will be a long time before anyone else comes close to measuring up to him.

I love the days when Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls and when he was part of the Dream Team, the U.S. Olympic team made up of the greatest stars in the NBA.

I want to say publicly that I have the privilege to pastor the Dream Team of church volunteers. Our volunteers are the “Michael Jordans” of serving. They step up weekly to give countless hours of their time to serve others and they do it with willing hearts and excellence.

Several times a year, we honor our volunteers at New Season to show them how much we appreciate them.

Tonight we will honor the volunteers from both of our Georgia campuses at our Hiram location at 6:45 pm. Join us for our Mexican Fiesta – full on Mexican theme with Mexican food and a Mariachi band! You don’t want to miss it!

This Sunday evening, we will honor our volunteers from our Tennessee campus with a Memphis BBQ shindig at 5:30 pm at the Holiday Inn Express on Hwy. 51. Make sure that you join us if you are volunteer at the Tennessee campus! 

Thank God for the dream team of volunteers at New Season Church! We appreciate each of you and all that you do!

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