Memory Like An Elephant

I have a good memory. I can remember conversations, I can remember details, I can remember names and events. I have a memory  like an elephant.

How is your memory? Every time you take the Lord’s Supper, you are remembering the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

250 times in the Bible, we have the word “remember.” I think God is trying to tell us something.

In Joshua, chapter 4, we have a great story of God coming to the children of Israel to take 12 stones from the river Jordan and setting them up as memorial stones.

All of us need to be reminded of what God has done in our lives. Memories can be inspirational and educational. Memories can be a rally cry to face the future with boldness.

In Joshua, chapter 3, God had opened the Jordan River and brought the people safely across into the Promised Land. They took 12 stones from the river bed and set up a memorial. The stones were a reminder that their old lives were gone – dead, buried and they were now to walk in newness of life.

That first stone was a stone of new beginnings, a stone to signify a fresh start. We all need that stone. My first stone of new beginnings was July 28, 1985.

These stones were there to remind the people of God’s power and provision. They were there to remind them of the faithfulness of God. They were also a source of inspiration. They reminded the people that God always kept His promises.

We tend to forget that, we have bad memories. Don’t forget that the God who delivered you 10 years ago is the same God who can take care of you today! Have you forgotten so easily how good God has been to you? Don’t you remember how He has come through for you so many times?

So why are you fretting now? Why do you act like the world is falling apart? Don’t you remember ?

Go back to that stone of remembrance. Look through the pages of your Bible and the pages of your life and remember that God is for you!

Know that you have some stones…Remember where they are… REMEMBER!

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