Eye of the Tiger

A couple of weeks ago I preached a sermon entitled, “Eye of the Tiger.”

I’m sure you saw the movie, Rocky 3…Rocky had lost a match to Clubber Lang (Mr. T).  Apollo Creed comes to Rocky telling him that he will train him for a rematch with Clubber. He tells Rocky that he has lost his edge, his hunger, that “eye of the tiger.”

Have you lost it?  Have you lost your passion? You’re not on fire anymore. You used to be a burning inferno and now you barely have a pilot light flickering.

There was a time in your life when you had a genuine hot heart for Jesus. Your prayer life was powerful, God’s word spoke to you clearly, you told others about Christ and you loved His bride, the church.

But now, something has happened…something has changed. You are not the person, you are not the Christian that you once were.

What happened? Today I would encourage you to repent! Ask God to set you on fire again! Get the eye of the tiger back!

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