It happened yesterday…

I am at the beach with our students for camp. I love the ocean, I love to swim in the ocean.                

I placed my towel and belongings on the sand and headed into the water only to discover after about 30 minutes that someone came along and stole my stuff! I also noticed that the buildings that were around me were gone and all the people who were nearby had been replaced by new people! Actually what happened is that I drifted. I wasn’t paying attention and the current carried me off course so I were headed in a different direction.

Once I realized what happened, I made my way back to where I started out. If you don’t make the necessary adjustment, you could end up in real danger.

Hebrews 2:1 says, “Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away.” The word ‘earnest’ here speaks of a sailor trying to bring a ship safely into a harbor during a storm.

It is going to take hard work, it is going to be difficult. He is not talking about ignorant believers or even rebellious believers. He is talking about careless believers. If you are not careful, you will drift into sin by simply being careless. Have you felt yourself drifting lately by being careless?

Perhaps you have drifted from Bible Study and prayer and your relationship with God seems distant.

Maybe you have drifted away from communicating with your spouse. You no longer date, you no longer work on your relationship. As a result, your marriage is in trouble.

Maybe you’re not engaged in your job and your performance is drifting.

Today let me encourage you to watch out for the current and the drifting. You could really end up in a bad place.

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