Family is really important to me. My wife Vickie and I have six children – four sons and two daughters. We have two daughter-in-laws, one son-in-law and and five grandchildren!

Many years ago, we decided to try to use every opportunity to make memories as a family. It could be as simple as a good game of UNO or sitting at the dinner table and each taking a turn singing “Amazing Grace” out loud. (We actually did that recently!)

It may have been a basketball game in our driveway where every ounce of the Flockhart competitive spirit reared its ugly head in full force. All of my kids are competitive, I am competitive and my wife is competitive. I’ll just say that things have gotten ugly a few times through the years!

Many of our memories are based around sporting events since we all love sports. We will all gather around the television to watch games together. We have also had the privilege to attend many professional games and meet famous athletes. There are many rivalries in our home, everyone seems to like a different team and have a different opinion.

I will confess that I got very emotional a couple of weeks ago when we received a text with a picture of Finn, our oldest grandchild at his first t-ball practice. It is just unreal, it seems that I was just taking his Dad to baseball practice yesterday. His Dad is 31!

My family is the greatest source of joy in my life apart from Jesus. I love every minute that we spend together. We all just enjoyed a week at the beach under one roof! Yes all of us…it was an amazing time!

I could go on and on but this would get too lengthy.

I have a million memories of each of our kids, of our family and the precious times we have experienced together.

Your kids will not remember those gifts that you obsess over buying them for birthdays or Christmas but they will remember the time that you spent with them. The laughter, the games, the talks, praying together…those are the memories they will cherish.

Memories…make some!


This was Easter 2015 (Huntingtyn, our youngest grandbaby is missing from the picture because he was napping)

Family Easter pic

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