Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Today is my baby girl’s birthday. She is 24 years old. Can someone tell me how that happened?!

I remember finding out that we were going to have a sixth child. Our twins were only ten months old when we found out that Vickie was pregnant. Vickie will tell you that she had some serious discussions with God that nine months. Kirby was a big surprise from God.

Kirby has always been our little tomboy. No Barbies or dolls, she wanted to be outside playing in the dirt with her brothers or in the middle of whatever type of sporting event they were playing. Playing with four older brothers was not easy, we have watched her get elbowed in the nose and knocked down, she would wipe the blood off of her face and go back in the game with a serious case of revenge!

She grew up loving God. of course she has been in church since she was born and loving Jesus was just a natural thing for her. I remember the night she got saved…she had played a basketball game earlier that day and a man named Dennis had shared a devotion talking about sin and how God cleans you up. Later that evening, she came into the bedroom and talked to her Mom, sharing that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. Vickie had the joy of leading her to Jesus and I baptized her the next Sunday. Incredible memories!

My little tomboy who ran around in a pony tail, wearing basketball shorts and one of her brother’s hand me down t-shirts has become a such a Godly, beautiful young woman.

After graduating from high school in 2010, Kirby spent a year in El Salvador serving in missions. She travels back with us every February and shares Jesus boldly and passionately.

She recently accepted a position with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) where she attends camps in the summer with high school athletes and during the school year, she has the opportunity to build relationships with students and coaches in local schools, encouraging them and pouring into their lives. She is in her element with this job. She has led several students to Christ already and she is making a difference!

I am so proud of my Kirby Dirby. She is currently attempting to raise support for her FCA position, she has to raise her entire salary so she is praying a lot and working hard! Please pray for Kirby and ask God to supply this need and continue to use her to be a world changer. I am confident that she will leave a huge mark for Jesus!

Happy Birthday Kirby. Your Daddy loves you and is very proud of you!  


Steve and KIrby

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