Be A Part of the Miracle!

This Sunday is a very important day at New Season in Hiram and South Paulding (Memphis will be on Dec 6 ). It is the day that we will have our annual Kingdom Come offering. We are asking every active member and attender to take part and show generosity by contributing as we seek to raise a miracle offering. It will take generosity and it will take EVERYONE being involved!

Our Kingdom Come offering will be used for A, B, and C…

All about children – over the years, we have used a “band aid” approach in our Children’s Area. We would love to put $20, 000 to $30 000 in to our Children’s Ministry; to change the look of their area and purchase the equipment that they need.

Bless our missionaries and church plants – New Season Church is involved in ministry all over the world. We are actively involved in missions in Africa, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Thailand. We have church plants up the street in in Woodstock, in Tennessee, and Los Angeles. We have helped start other churches in Chattanooga and Florida. We understand that it is all about the kingdom and we want to share Jesus across the street and around the world. Your gift makes that possible!

Create irresistible environments – we would like to pave our parking lot and take care of much needed repairs inside and outside of our building. When you accommodate a large group of people week in and week out, there is going to be much wear and tear. We are at that point and we need a make over.

There are ministries that we want to invest in, projects we want to be involved in, needs we need to meet, etc… and this special offering will put us in a position to do these things.

It is proven that giving decreases in most churches during the holidays. Isn’t it sad to think that because we rush out to buy gifts that we fall short on being obedient to Jesus with our tithes and offerings? I want to challenge you to put Kingdom Come offering at the top of your list. Be involved in something that has an eternal impact in THOUSANDS of lives! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in people…that’s what it’s all about!

I am excited about Sunday’s offering. I am excited that we get to “give back” and honor God in our giving. I am expecting a miracle offering…be part of the miracle!

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