She Said Yes!

It has been an exciting time around our house.

My son Jeremiah proposed to his girlfriend Claire week before last and she said yes! In typical Jeremiah fashion, he arranged a creative, elaborate picnic in downtown Atlanta, complete with Coke bottles spelling out the words, “Will You Marry Me?” Thank God that afterwards, he was able to sit out additional Coke bottles on the blanket that spelled, “She Said Yes!”

It was such an eye catching event that people from the Coke factory took pictures and invited Jeremiah and Claire in to take pics with the polar bear and enjoy glasses of cold Coke where they were toasted and applauded!

I just want to share a moment about Jeremiah… I know he is my kid but I honestly have never met anyone who works any harder than he does. And he gives it his all, no matter what job he is doing. He has been this way since he was a little kid.

He is just a little OCD! If you walk in his room and look in his sock drawer, you will find them in perfect rows arranged by color. His shirts and pants are organized and neatly hung in the closet. You will never find piles of laundry or junk on Jeremiah’s floor because he is such a neat freak. To this day, when we have a big family dinner, Jeremiah is the first one up from the table clearing dishes and cleaning up. Claire is either going to be extremely blessed or driven insane! haha

Jeremiah is loyal. He is attentive to needs that his family may have and if he can, he tries to help. His Mom got caught at Sam’s recently and realized at the register that she had no cash. BY talking to Kirby, Jeremiah learned of the situation and he showed up, credit card in hand to take care of his Mom.

I had the awesome opportunity to start New Season with Jeremiah by my side. He was our Children’s Pastor for a while and I still have families talk about how much they love him. He then moved into our Service Programming role and brought incredible creativity to the table. We may have had a few rough patches (Vickie says it is because we are so much alike) but all in all, it really was a great experience and I have some awesome memories of that time serving with my son.

And Claire…she is a beautiful young woman who adores Jeremiah. They are enjoying life and having fun. She is involved at Mosaic Church with Jeremiah so she is getting a good taste of ministry life. We are excited about welcoming her into the family!

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