My Baby Said Yes…What?

The exciting times didn’t end with Jeremiah’s proposal…

This summer in Destin, Kirby’s boyfriend, Reid approached me while we were both in the ocean and asked for permission to propose to Kirby. I thought about drowning him but I decided against it!

A week ago on Saturday, we attended a surprise birthday party for Reid which was actually a surprise proposal/engagement party for Kirby! My little Kirby said yes…wow!

It is weird to say that my baby girl is engaged. In my mind, she is still a 15 year old soccer playing tomboy who doesn’t even like boys. Apparently she likes Reid!

I remember how overwhelmed Vickie and I were when we found out that she was pregnant with Kirby. Our twins were only 10 months old when we got the news. I will be honest and say that we were not jumping for joy in the very beginning. But then Kirby arrived and it was like God had sent our own personal little sunshine! She has always had such a great sense of humor and has always brought such laughter.

I could tell you about the time she shaved both eyebrows off just a week before her 5th grade graduation ceremony or another time when she wanted to look like a football player so she put her finger in warm candle wax and rubbed it under each eye, only to break out in big red whelps.

Kirby was never really a “girly” girl. She grew up playing basketball with four older brothers and she took their abuse while playing. It just made her scrappier and tougher! I will say she has quite a little temper while playing, I’m not sure where that came from!

Since she was a little girl, Kirby has been passionate about reaching people for Christ. She was always inviting her friends from school to church and as she grew up, she shared Jesus with others boldly. She went to El Salvador after graduation high school and lived there serving in ministry. She is now involved in FCA and is currently trying to raise support for her position. She is not ashamed, she loves Christ.

Kirby and Vickie are best friends and they are together most of the time. So we all need to pray for her Mom because she is going to have a time with this! But so is her Dad. This is my baby girl…my kirby shirby lirby…my little tomboy. I guess she grew up. She is such a beautiful woman.

Reid is a good man. He loves Christ and is active in serving in ministry. He loves my Kirby and she loves him. My little Kirby is getting married…

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