Don’t Forget!

Every couple faces attacks from the world and from the enemy on their marriage. They forget why they fell in love, they forget how to talk, and they forget how important it is to spend time together.

They forget why it is important to fight to stay married. It becomes too easy to file for divorce, throw it all away and walk away. Marriages are discarded like old shirts because something new and prettier is available, or somebody talks sweet and an emotional attachment. It’s too easy to walk away from commitment.

And let’s cover another detail…the children involved. No one walks away from divorce unharmed but the kids suffer the most. Their entire world is turned upside down, everything as they know it changes. Holidays turn into “every other one with Mom”, weekend visitation, absent Dads (or Moms) and worst of all, the kids walk around carrying the guilt and wondering what they did or didn’t do to destroy their parents’ marriage. Don’t fool yourself, the children ALWAYS suffer in a divorce.

I would encourage you to do everything humanly possible to save your marriage. Put up safeguards and do things early on to strengthen your marriage and prevent you from being such easy prey. Examples: be active in church (more than just showing up on Sunday mornings) Be involved in Bible study/Small Groups; Serve in your church; be faithful in your own personal time with God; date your spouse; do things like write love notes, talk and laugh together, reminisce about why, where and how you fell in love.

Most importantly, view your marriage as the valuable gift that it is and determine in your heart that you and your spouse will treat it with care and use it to bring glory to God! We have really bad memories…don’t forget!

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