God Is More Interested In You Obeying Him Than You Understanding Him

In Luke, chapter five, we have an amazing story of Jesus trying to get Peter to understand this single truth. God is more interested in you obeying Him than you understanding Him.

Peter who was a professional fisherman was a guy who knew all the “secret spots.” He knew exactly where to catch fish. He had been fishing all night long and caught absolutely nothing. Jesus jumps in the boat with Peter and tells him to go back out and drop some nets to catch fish.

Can you imagine what Peter was thinking at that point? “This doesn’t make sense, we’ve tried this before and it didn’t work. I am a fisherman, you are a carpenter.”

Sometimes, God asks us to do things that really don’t make any sense. They are not logical, not practical and not reasonable. God is interested in you and I obeying Him, not trying to figure Him out.

Obedience is based on trust. Trust is built on relationship.

How well do you know God? How trustworthy is He?

Stop trying to figure “it” and Him out and just obey! The God who loves you would never lead you or tell you to do something that is wrong. Obey Him, trust Him and stop trying to figure out what He is up to.

Trust and obey, for there’s really no other way!

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