This Sunday at our Georgia campuses, we will start a brand new series on one of my favorite subjects – GRACE!

Most people don’t understand this amazing doctrine. Unfortunately in many of our churches, we have preached the gospel of guilt instead of the gospel of grace. We have communicated that the church is for saints and not for sinners.

Most people on the outside think of the church as a place that you go after you have cleaned up your act. They associate it with morality and perfect people instead of it being a hospital for sick people.

The church was never intended for a “holier than thou” crowd, it was established for messed up, broken people. The church is a place where we celebrate broken lives that have been put back together by the grace of God.

The church’s message should be that when you mess up again, that forgiveness and grace should be extended, not judgment and condemnation.

The word “grace” in the Greek is charis. The verb means “I’m glad” or “to rejoice”.

Rejoicing should be one of the first things we think about in relation to the church. The Bible teaches that Heaven rejoices over just one soul, one sinner repenting. The church needs to follow that pattern!

We as the church, need to stop trying to get people to look like us, think like us and be like us. The church should stand like Jesus with arms open wide, receiving and loving ALL people.

Invite people this Sunday to hear about amazing grace!

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