The Roast of Steve Flockhart

Roast - steve

I am sacrificing myself for this roast next Sunday evening, January 17 at 6:30 for my youngest daughter who I obviously love dearly!

I am not sure of everything that will happen at the roast and I am not sure that I even want to know! I do know that a couple of my great friends, Jason Dupree and Eddie Rhodes are coming to share and my children will be sharing. That in itself should motivate you to buy a $10.00 ticket!

Let me tell you why we are having this roast. My daughter Kirby has accepted a position with the Paulding County Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Her position allows her to invest in the lives of teenagers by attending their sporting events and building relationships with them. I am already watching this happen as she texts and calls these young women and attends their games. She has led several to Christ already.

FCA is a faith – funded ministry which means that Kirby is responsible for raising her own salary. This roast is a fund raiser and the proceeds will go to FCA to help support Kirby. So it really is for a great cause and who knows what kind of things you will hear about me! Like I said – a sacrifice for my baby girl! Haha

Tickets will be sold at the door on Sunday night for $10.00 each. Come and join us for a fun time and help support a young lady who is going to change the world!

(Refreshments will be sold)

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