Rock In Your Shoe

Recently, I was walking outside and I started to feel that agitation that we have all experienced at least once in our lives…the rock in our shoe.

Most of the time it’s a  very tiny pebble, but it drives you crazy! I did what we all do, I stopped, took off my shoe and shook it until the little culprit which was causing me such agitation fell out!

Isn’t it amazing how something so small can cause so much agitation and discomfort? It’s the little things that seem to get us!

Now I know we all have big stuff we are dealing with, but I’m talking about the small irritants that just aggravate.

We all go through those little aggravations in life and we also fix things by the same 3 simple steps:

1.Realize there is a problem.

2. Figure out a plan to solve the problem.

3. Solve the problem.

Unfortunately, many times we just leave the rock in our shoe.We walk around with a weird walk hoping it will go away. Thats crazy!

Today, let me encourage you to get the rock out of your shoe/ life. It sure will feel a lot better!

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