Don’t Walk Away

Discouragement is one of the strategies that Satan uses.When you read the temptation narrative of Jesus, you see this tactic. The devil knows if he can discourage you, then you might be tempted to quit.

We all have been tempted to quit. We have all experienced feelings of, “I’ve had enough.” We have wanted to walk away from the difficulties, the emotional stress, the financial burdens, the isolation, the demands of life: family, job, etc…

Sometimes we talk ourselves into thinking that it would just be easier to quit. It would! It really would be easier to quit and walk away but you were made for better.

Even Jesus was tempted to quit.

When we read Matthew, chapter 4, we see Jesus being tempted by the devil to question God. He questioned God, He questioned Himself (the same thing really). He questioned His calling, He questioned His purpose and He even questioned His future.

Life is full of highs and lows. We celebrate one day and we are down in the dumps the next.

We all struggle with feelings of defeat. We all have had that moment of asking, “should I just walk away?”

Don’t quit…don’t walk away!


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