El Salvador

Seven  and a half years ago, I was sitting in a Cracker Barrel with a good friend. I was trying to plan my first mission trip to take my church on (we had been open for 6 months at the time) I wanted to lead our new church with a heart for the world.

My friend had a contact in El Salvador and suggested I take our group there. We would have never imagined that we would continue traveling to El Salvador for the next seven years and watch God do so much!!

Almost 2000 people have received Christ!    We have painted churches and orphanages; we have put roofs on churches; added bathrooms in churches and spoken to thousands of kids in schools where we bring gifts and ice cream for them. We have impacted communities and fed children in a community soup kitchen. We actually buy the kids pizza and you would think it was the greatest thing in the world to them!

We have worked with more than a dozen churches and we have built amazing relationships.

Vickie and I were part of a wedding ceremony 2 years ago for Eduardo and Liz Orantes. Eduardo was Vickie’s translator on our first trip to ES seven years ago. We have kept in contact and consider the Orantes family to be close friends.

When building relationships on mission trips, you never expect anything bad to happen to the friends you make. Unfortunately, we experienced the heartbreaking loss of a great Salvadorian friend.

5 years ago, our team met a young man named Mario Perez. He was the worship pastor at Iglesia Bautista Apopa – a church that we work with each year. We just saw Mario last year in February. In July, we received word that Mario passed away from a brain tumor. We were all heart broken. This week, we were able to have a Memorial Service where our team had the opportunity to love on and minister to Mario’s family, his pastor and friends. We wept with them over the tragic loss of our friend.

This is the type of investment that we have in El Salvador. It’s not all monetary, it’s heart! We live and care for the people.

Today we go home after an incredible week. We saw over 309 people saved!!

We love El Salvador! Join us next year and share your heart!

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