Connecting Without Compromising

Every now and then I get an email asking me why we do certain things in church.

Our church is set up on the 70/30 principle.What that means is 70 percent of what we do is directed at the Christian and 30 percent is directed at and for the lost, unchanged and decburched.

Our vision as a church is, “we exist so people far from God may experience life in Christ and become fully engaged followers.”

In Acts 17, Paul used a bridge to connect culture with the gospel (without compromise)
We use that same approach and we do it often.

We use all kinds of music at New Season. We did a secular love song every Sunday in December when I spoke on marriage. We will do the same on April 17 when I speak on marriage again.

Evangelistic churches are the ones who will often take and use secular music for cultural connection.This is nothing new,

Salvation Army founder William Booth put christian lyrics to old drinking songs, and Fanny Crosby (Blessed Assurance & a million other hymns) often put poem and lyric to the popular music of the day.

Secular music is used to tear down the wall and allow that lost person to connect and drop their guard or to make people feel comfortable with “songs they know”, so they get used to singing when the “church songs” come up in the set list.

Since so many unchurched people are entering our doors, we should speak their language as a means to open their hearts.
Almost everyone listens to secular music. Utilizing it will capture people’s attention for the sharing of the Gospel.

There are some great secular songs that can really communicate the main idea of the sermon.

Paul connected culture, then preached the gospel.



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