Miracle Drug

I must confess that I get a bad attitude occasionally. I get in one of “those” moods and my vision gets impaired. Everything I see is bad. I find fault in people and projects. I need an attitude adjustment.

What percentage of your day from this past week was consumed by a negative attitude versus a positive, proactive and optimistic attitude? Take a minute right now and reflect on that question. Go ahead, close your eyes, shut yourself off to the world and really ponder over that question and your answer.

Is your attitude positive enough? Or are you consumed with negativity? Do you focus on the abundance of blessings God has given you? Such as air, water, food, your health, your family, etc… or are you choosing to focus on that which you feel you are missing? Do you have a long list of things that you want or feel you deserve?

I love the quote by Patricia Neal, “A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug!” Isn’t that true? Just the power of a positive attitude will do wonders.

Let me encourage you today to take this drug!


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