Ideal Family

Yesterday we started a new series at our Hiram campus on the family…”Ideal Family – How to Make Your Relationships Roar!”

For many, the word “family” is associated with stress or tension. Unfortunately, a great deal of drama often comes with family. Maybe words like aggravation or disappointment are words that come to mind.

Hopefully, words like blessed, happy, or fulfilled better describe your current family dynamic.

All of us at times could appear on the Jerry Springer show. Dysfunctional describes too many of our families. But…the bottom line is that your family is the one that God put you in. With all the problems, heartaches and heartbreaks, it is YOUR family!

Let me encourage you today to go make things right if they are wrong. Do not allow anything to hinder or hurt your relationship with your family. If you need to forgive, then do so. Whatever it is, let it go. It really isn’t worth it.

When all is said and done, when the end of your life comes, the only thing that will really matter is relationships. Your relationships with your family are worth fighting for.

We all want better families.Tune in over the next few weeks and see how we can have Ideal Families.

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