Destructive Emotions

We all have been hurt.We all know pain.We all could list the things that have caused up to be bitter and angry.

The trauma of divorce, the sadness of past abuse, the anger of being wronged, the bitterness and unforgiveness towards someone who has hurt us. We all battle destructive emotions…we all have crummy stuff inside of us.

In I Samuel, chapter 25, we have the story of David and a guy named Nabal. When you read this story, you will discover David getting angry at Nabal for rejecting him. Rejection is a powerful feeling that can lead to some very destructive emotions.

The name Nabal actually means “fool.” He acted like a fool and David did not respond well to it. David is ready to go to war, David loses control and he is completely outraged.

Have you ever been so mad that you can’t see straight? Have you ever been so bitter that you could feel ulcers developing? Have you experienced such an unforgiving spirit that it literally makes you sick?

David is angry! He has been rejected. David’s anger traces back to him being rejected by his family. He had not even been invited inside of the house when Samuel came to anoint the new king.

David’s own father did not even consider him when he was told that one of his sons would be king. His brothers treated him as inferior when he brought them food during Goliath’s tirade.

Saul also rejected David and tried to kill him. And now in this story, a foolish man named Nabel has broken the last straw and made David extremely angry.

Anger is caused by a person’s inability to mentally cope with a situation. Anger says “you owe me, you took something from me; I have suffered loss.”

Our emotional state matters deeply. You must be aware of your emotional state or you will end up acting like Nabel (a fool) or you will lose control like David.

Anger is one of the most destructive emotions that we have.Can you let it go today? Can you forgive?  Can you allow God to work deeply in your life and be set free from destructive emotions?

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